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How do I use my Humidifier?Updated 2 months ago

At Canopy, we believe in simplicity and intelligence, and our Humidifier embodies this philosophy. With just a single button located on the top grate, labeled On/Off you're in command of a world of comfort.

One press of the button activates Auto Mode. We designed Canopy to be smart enough to know when to turn it on and off for optimal performance and to prevent potential mold growth. Auto Mode uses an embedded light sensor (the indicator farthest from the On/Off button on the top of your unit) to adjust the evaporation rate. At night, when hydration matters most, it optimizes performance. During the day, when you're away, it conserves water and power. As light fills the room, your Humidifier operates on the Low setting. As darkness descends, it switches to Medium mode.

Not in the mood for Auto Mode? No problem. With the button, you have complete control. Push the button again to set your unit to Low. One more press will switch to the Medium setting, and a fourth press will set your Humidifier to High. Push the button once more to turn it off.

However, if there is still water remaining in your tray the Canopy Humidifier won't remain off for long. Allowing water to sit in your Humidifier for extended periods of time could result in mold growth and deteriorate performance over time. That's why the Canopy Humidifier was built with a sensor that tracks whether or not there is water that still needs to be used. Your Humidifier will reactivate and run until all the water has been used to make sure you're getting the best possible performance.

The light labeled "Water" will illuminate to tell you when to add more water to the tank.

The light labeled "Filter" will illuminate when it's time to replace the filter. Every time you insert a new Replacement Filter hold the "on/off" button down for 30 seconds to reset this indicator light.

The Canopy Humidifier also has a setting called Night Mode, which automatically shuts the Humidifier's lights off when the room is darkened and it's time to go to sleep.

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