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I'm seeing discoloration & colored spots on my Humidifier filter. What is this?Updated 10 months ago

At Canopy, we believe in transparency and innovation, and we're here to shed light on your Humidifier's unique filtration process. Your Canopy Humidifier filters are on a mission—to extract minerals and metals from your water, preventing them from being released into your home environment. This ensures that these elements are trapped by the filter, rather than dispersed into the air you breathe.

You may have noticed mineral or metal residue, especially if your water source contains higher levels of these elements. Rest assured, this residue is an outcome of your filter's diligent work. Our filters are hard at work, collecting these materials to keep your air pristine and your surroundings comfortable. While this buildup is harmless, we understand you may have a desire for a crystal-clear solution. If you want to stop this from happening you can fill your Humidifier tank with purified or distilled water.

At Canopy, we're all about informed choices and enhanced well-being. From science to solution, we're dedicated to optimizing your comfort every step of the way.

Elevate your space with the science of freshness today with Canopy.

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