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Is the Canopy Humidifier pediatrician recommended?Updated 8 months ago

Yes! We believe the Canopy Humidifier is a beneficial addition to any room in your home, but especially your nursery! Stable humidity levels by use of a humidifier can drastically improve cold symptoms and reduce congestion for your little one. Humidifiers can also temper mild skin conditions like eczema or dry, itchy skin, which are extremely common as a result of a baby’s exceptionally sensitive skin.

We've consulted with a number of specialists regarding the performance and use of the Canopy Humidifier. Here's what one pediatrician had to say when we first launched with Lalo:

"As a pediatrician, I often recommend humidification to help reduce nasal congestion and promote sleep quality. Lalo and Canopy have teamed up to provide an aesthetically pleasing upgrade to traditional humidifiers. Parents will love that the Canopy Humidifier provides gentle white noise and is dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and resistant to mold." -Kelly Fradin, MD FAAP

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