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The Canopy Diffuser

Aromatherapy awaits

How do I use my Diffuser?

Each Canopy Diffuser comes with a Diffusion Well and each bottle of fragrance or aroma oil comes with an Aroma Puck. The Diffusion Well is larger and stores most of the oil which will be dispersed around your home. We designed the Well for more

How do I clean my Canopy Diffuser?

Unlike most diffusers, the Canopy Diffuser is hassle-free. Simply wipe down the top grate and body of the diffuser with a warm cloth. Diffusion Wells and Aroma Pucks are both made of very porous material, in order to best absorb the aroma oils, and

Can I reuse my Diffusions Wells and Aroma Pucks?

You can use each Aroma Puck and Diffusion Well multiple times and still get peak performance! The Aroma Puck, which comes boxed with every aroma oil, is good for up to 6 weeks of diffusion, adding 2-3 drops per day! The larger Diffusion Well can be

Can I use my own oils with the Canopy Diffuser?

Yes! All of your favorite essential or fragrance oils will work with the  Canopy Diffuser and Canopy Humidifier! Our Diffusion Well is designed to hold a standard 5ml bottle of oil, for smaller or larger bottles simply pour the desired amount of oil

How long will it take for the aroma to begin circulating around my room?

You'll begin smelling the pure, potent scent of your aroma oil once your Diffusion Well has been fully saturated. Most customers will be able to enjoy their aromas within 30 minutes, however, it can differ from home to home depending on the amount of

When should I use the Aroma Puck vs. Diffusion Well?

Canopy Diffuser uses two ceramic accessories to provide a customized, clean diffusion experience. The Aroma Puck is perfect for switching up your scent often. Place 2-5 drops of oil onto the puck. Diffuse. Switch your scent and puck. Repeat. The

What is the Diffuser's power source?

The Canopy Humidifier and Diffuser use a 5V adapter with a USB-C cable. Simply plug in the adapter that comes with your Canopy unit into a standard 120-220V outlet. The Canopy Humidifier is 5X more energy efficient than other humidifiers on the