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Do you offer discounts?Updated a year ago

We offer discounts on the initial cost of both our Humdier and Diffuser when you enroll in a Subscription at the time of purchase!

The Canopy Humidifiers

A Canopy Humidifier comes with one Filter and one of our Aroma Kits included. However, when you enroll in either of our Subscription packages you'll receive a discount on your initial purchase!

Being enrolled in either of our Subscriptions will also make you eligible for discounts on all Filters and Aroma Kits you receive through those repeating schedules.

A Bedside Replacement Filter is $15 when you purchase ad hoc, but if you're enrolled in our Filter Subscription you'll receive $5 off each Filter!

And while purchasing Aroma Kits and Bedside Replacement Filters one at a time will cost $55, when you enroll in our Premium Subscription you'll receive both for $25!

The Canopy Diffuser

A standard Canopy Diffuser comes with one Diffusion Well and an Aroma Kits included for only $90. However, when you enroll in an Aroma Subscription you'll receive a $20 discount off your initial purchase!

A pack of 3 Diffusion Wells on its own is $20 when you purchase ad hoc, but if you're enrolled in our Subscription you'll receive 3 pack of Diffusion Wells and a Premium Aroma Kit every 45 days for the same cost!

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