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How do I use the fragrance oils with my Humidifier?Updated 3 months ago

At Canopy, we've reimagined aroma diffusion, crafting an effortless experience that harmonizes perfectly with your Humidifier. Our unique Aroma Puck is the key to infusing your space with captivating fragrances through evaporation.

Locate the divot at the center of your Humidifier's top grate – a designated spot for the Aroma Puck.

Position the Aroma Puck within the divot, aligning it seamlessly with your Humidifier.

Add 2-5 drops of your chosen essential or fragrance oil onto the Aroma Puck.

Power on your Humidifier, and let the enchantment begin. As evaporation takes center stage, it carries the alluring aroma throughout your space.

Leave the plastic film attached to the bottom of your puck. This protective layer ensures the diatomite ceramic remains sealed, preventing any possibility of leaking.

If you like how the aromas work with your Humidier you might also enjoy Canopy's newest product, a waterless Diffuser that works with all of our standard Aroma Kits.

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