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The Canopy Aromas

How do I use an Aroma Puck?

Use the Aroma Puck on the top grate of your Canopy Humidifier or Canopy Diffuser to easily switch up your scent as frequently as your heart desires. Please your Aroma Puck in the divot on the top grate of your unit and add 2-5 drops of oil to the

Information about the Canopy Aroma Oils

At Canopy, we are reimagining clean. Our aroma oils are thoughtfully formulated to be clean and highly potent, giving you a superior scent experience free from the harmful ingredients we all want to avoid. Canopy Aroma Oils are made with pure

Are the Canopy Aroma Oils safe for everyone?

Yes! All of the Aroma Kits available from Canopy are safe to diffuse around babies 3 months or older, and sensitive adults with allergies or even asthma. In fact, the Little Dreams Aroma Oils were created with the nursery, especially in mind! Our

How do I use the fragrance oils with my unit?

At Canopy, we've reimagined aroma diffusion, crafting an effortless experience that harmonizes perfectly with your space. Our unique Aroma Pucks are the key to infusing your space with captivating fragrances through evaporation. There are 3 available