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What kind of water should I use in my Humidifier?Updated 3 months ago

At Canopy, we're committed to making your comfort effortlessly attainable. Unlike most humidifiers that recommend distilled water, the Canopy Humidifier is designed to deliver excellence with any water type. Tap water is totally fine to use, the Canopy Humidifier is your partner in creating the perfect environment and the filter will catch contaminants from the water before it is evaporated.

With that in mind, the hardness of your water certainly is a factor in your filter's life cycle. The harder your water, the more frequently you may need to replace your filter. But don't worry, we've got you covered. You can learn how to determine whether or not you have hard water here, and how often to replace your filter here.

At Canopy, choice meets comfort, and your well-being always takes center stage. Elevate your space today with the Canopy Humidifier experience.

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