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Why won't my Humidifier turn off?Updated 3 months ago

The Canopy Humidifier was built with a sensor that tracks whether or not there is water that still needs to be used. If there is still water in the tray, or your filter is damp you will not be able to turn off the fan.

Your Humidifier will reactivate and run until all the water is used to ensure you're getting the best possible performance.

If you need to turn off your humidifier quickly you can do so by removing the tank, emptying the tray, and letting the fan run until your filter is dry. Allowing water to sit in your Humidifier for extended periods of time could result in mold growth and deteriorate performance over time and potentially even negatively affect you and your loved ones.

We recommend that you do not unplug your humidifier to turn it off while there is still dampness in the unit.

To delve even deeper into maximizing your humidifier's potential, we invite you to explore our comprehensive guide on how to use your humidifier.

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